Pre-Press is the term used in the printing and publishing industries for the processes and procedures that occur between the procurement of a written manuscript and original artwork, and the manufacture of a printing film, plate, screens ready for mounting on a printing or silkscreen press.

If you are an Experienced Designer and you know how to setup up files for Separations, you can setup your own files and save any Pre-Press charges.

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  File Requirements:      

Some File Requirements are needed is insure no additional fees and a quick turnaround.  Make sure your art is at 100% sized.  Don't use overprints unless you need to.  Make sure you use the right color palettes.  Do not use any special effects that turn your vector art in to bitmap art.  Also Unlock any Object you may have locked.  Use NWG templates for the best results. To download NWG Templates, Click Here

  Spot & CMYK
For both Silkscreen and Offset Printing.  File Prep for Image Setter.  Adding Registrations Marks, Page Title, Center Marks and Color Call-Outs. *This included minor changes, for Larger fixes an Art Charges will be applied. $5.00
  Index and
Simulated Index

Separation and File Prep for Image Setter.  Adding Registrations Marks, Page Title, Center Marks and Color Call-Outs. $65.00
  Adding Base/Flash:      
Adding undercoat with trap for dark garments. $5.00
  *Art Charges:      
Any art that needs to be altered in any way.
(i.e. Grammar, Sizing, Layout or Design)
Scanning and Color Correcting Image for Output. $20.00
  Layout and Proofing Policy:      

You are 100% responsible for the accuracy of your layouts. Please proof read all layouts carefully.  NWG is not responsible for any proofing error such as spelling, grammar or any layout and design problems.  Customer must be diligent in their own proofing and are responsible for any errors.  The NWG consultants make their best effort to print your file, however, technical problems that are missed by the customer can occur and we can not guarantee results in these circumstance.  Please be exact when setting up your art.


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Pricing doesn't include film, shipping and/or tax.  Prices subject to change without notice.